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D I S P L A Y   S A M P L E S

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We think the best way for you to sell to your clients is show them finished products.

We offer a 40% discount on sample products used for display.

All of our products can be produced as samples, excluding prints, mounting & film processing.

Due to the high volume of Christmas work we are unable to provide sample discounts from 16th November 2018 till 31st of December 2018.

Display wall products will have ‘DISPLAY SAMPLE’ stamped onto the back of the product.

Albums and Photobooks will have ‘SAMPLE’ placed on the last spread.

We will place this in unobtrusive area so not to distract from your pictures. (see below)

Display samples are to be used to sell your work with our products to your clients.
Samples for wedding venues or other venues selling your services are a marketing cost for you.
Therefore do not get the sample discount.
Sample discounts are given on a discretionary basis by C41s.

FREE 6×4 Sample Prints

To see how great C41’s print quality is, you can order 10 6″x4″ prints free of charge as sample prints.

Available in Lustre, Gloss & Silk, or a selection of each.

Use the code ‘TP64’ on the customer details screen. (1 Order per Customer)

Includes free shipping.

6"x4" Test Prints

Sample Covers

Sample Covers allow you to show your clients different cover options without purchasing a whole Album or Photo Book.

You can have the cover done in any style, with or without Text for the same price.

On the inside is a white 18mm block to give the impression of how the Album or Photo Book will look.

Cover Samples
Cover Samples
Cover Samples - Lime Green Fabric (31), Cherry Red Fabric (34), Plain Pink (14), Blue Patterned (17)

Material, Print Type, Finish, Album & Photo Book Page Samples

NEW Material, Paper Type, Finishes, Album & Photo Book Page samples are available upon request.

To order samples you will have to Login / Register and go to our Sample page, fill in our online order form selecting the samples you require and we will ship them to you in 3/4 working days.

Box Frame Corners

Box Frame Corners are available upon request.

Please e-mail (, phone (0333-0120015) or ask with your next order (in comments/notes) if you require a set. (charges apply)

Box Frame - Full Stack

Frame Corners

Sample Frame Corners are available upon request.

Please e-mail (, phone (0333-0120015) or ask with your next order (in comments/notes) which Frames you would like samples of. (charges apply)

Frame Samples